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Wow...this may be the first Newsletter I've sent on time...ever!! ;) Season's Greetings, my friends! Normally, as I'm sure you've noticed, I send these out during the month following the date of the newsletter (the May issue launches in June, Sept in Oct, etc.) However, with so much happening these past few months, and even more on the way, I decided to get this one out a little early. And thank goodness, because now I have the distinct pleasure of wishing you and all your loved ones a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a blessed New Year in 2011 (before these things actually happen.) El Oh El! This feels so good your ol' pal Raspberry may just turn over a new leaf this year. And while we're on this joyous kick, thank you all so much for reading my newsletter and writing me back. Knowing you enjoy these updates really means a lot to me, guys. Thank you very much and God bless you and yours in 2011!


For those of you just joining us, I began the Chance Raspberry Newsletter in January of 2010 as a fun, simple way of keeping my friends and family up to date on my life. Like many of you, a lot of my loved ones live (or have moved) far away, and with the internet providing such a great resource for free audio-visual mulitmedia distribution, an online newsletter seemed like the way to go. Boy was it ever! Thanks to all of you, after just one year in existence, the CR Mailing List has grown to almost 800 subscribers, including industry proffesionals in art, music, and film, company executives from Los Angeles to Tokyo, and sheer lovers of the craft like you and me!! The newsletter has also expanded its range from updates about yours truly to the promotion of other artists, current and upcoming events, news, and more!!!

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NOVEMBER Accomplishments:


So here's the deal: Due to recent circumstances, it is no longer possible for all JF band members to participate in the production of our newest LP. Therefore, out of respect to the one and only Jacuzzi Fiend, the upcoming full-length, "Old Souls...Young Hearts" will now be exclusively released by Chance Raspberry. We apologize for the confusion and greatly appreciate your understanding and support. This unanimous decision was a difficult one to come to, and if we could have it any other way, we would. That said, we are all very excited about the new CD! This album represents the pinnacle of Jacuzzi Fiend's classic chemistry. We, the band's original composers, have joined forces from across the coast to bring you what we feel is our most epic and diverse release yet! The album's debut single, In You, is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other distributors. Updates on production progress, news, merch, and more will be posted @ Stick around!

DECEMBER Accomplishments:


Uh oh! Could it be some sick, depraved lunatic actually took the time to dig up and restore this old thing?!? Hmmmm...could be! That's right amigos, I'm pleased to announce that Jacuzzi Fiend's very first recording of all time is now available ONLY @ (now universally enhanced by Google Translate.) "Good Enough" is the original EP we released back in high school (1997) on audio cassette...remember those?? This debut CD version of the demo has not only been digitally remastered, but also contains the brand new single, In You, from the upcoming full-length release, "Old Souls...Young Hearts". Just click the above banner to purchase your copy today from Jacuzzi Fiend's online store! For more band info, including how you can win a FREE, signed copy of OSYH, please visit our website or check out the official Jacuzzi Fiend MySpace page! See you there!!

"GOOD ENOUGH" Re-Issue (2010)
Jacuzzi Fiend

1. Intro
2. Anthem
3. Nanny
4. Apathy
5. Witchcraft (Sinatra Cover)
6. Firecrotch
7. Magically Delicious
8. One Day At A Time (Demo Version)
9. In You (Single Version)

"Artist Of The Month"
(Dudes & Dudettes I Know That Maybe You Should, Too!)


Man, I'm feeling proactive -- we just keep broadening horizons here @ the CR Newsletter! That said, I am very pleased to introduce this issue's "Artist Of The Month", Ms. Traci Hines. Traci is a singer, actress, and model based out of Orange County, and our first non-animator to be featured as AOTM! My first impression of her talents came from a vast series of vlogs, tutorials, and music videos on YouTube (click the above banner to visit her official channel now!) From performing classic Disney tunes as the characters that sang them, to her debut, original single Fantasy (now available on iTunes and Amazon), Traci is a wonderful example of independent success. In addition to these noteworthy accomplishments, she also models for everyone's guilty pleasure, Hot Topic (you know you're down) and dabbles in voice acting, photo shoots, and live performance! Check out any of the major Cons and you just might find her rocking you with one of her many costume designs. And of course, you can always "friend" or chat her up on Facebook and MySpace. The purity, playfulness, and imagination Traci brings to her work is matched only by her level of commitment and quality. She is truly a blessed woman of many talents and I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say thank you, Traci, for being a part of the CR Newsletter. But hey, please don't take my word for it...CHECK OUT Traci Hines today and become a part of her world!!!



It's finally happening, amigos...the world-famous Animation Academy is taking to the web!!! No longer will geography, time constraints, or even your busy schedule keep you from exploring the animation education you've always wanted!! The school's founder and lead instructor, Charles Zembillas, has set March 2011 as the official launch date for web classes, and will be kicking off The Academy's online program with its fundamental staples, Character Design I & II. Visual Development and Photoshop are among the many classes to come (click the above banner for all future updates), AND I am pleased to announce that I have accepted Charles' invitation to teach at least one online course myself. Stay tooned for the official list of classes, instructors, tutorials, and more...and as always, KEEP CREATING!


A LOOK BACK (2010)...

* 2010 "Artists Of The Month": Ryan Khatam (Feb), Ian Miller (Mar), Takena Nagao (Apr), Izzy Izzguard (May-Aug), Benny Whaler (Sept-Oct), Traci Hines (Nov-Dec)
* Personal Projects: The AnimAttic (NEW Art out now), Bearman (1998), Clownsyndrome (1999), DragonForce Lead Singer Audition, the launching of &
* Freelance Jobs: Simpsonizing the Eckert Family, Hustler Casino Storyboard, Music Video Storyboards, Character Designs for The Write Guys (COMING 2011)
* And Leave Us Not Forget: The Great Hiatus (May 2009 - Aug 2010), Matt Ferrante (1956 - 2010), Sue Ferrante (1928 - 2010), Ayden Taylor Ferrante (Born June 26th, 2010)


Time sure does fly, eh guys? If there's one thing I've learned during the past year, it's make the most of RIGHT NOW...well, that and save your money!! ;D Thank you all so much for hanging this long, your love, feedback, and support. I know 2010 was a rough year for some of us, but I hope it was banner enough, and that the next 365 days are even better! I've got lots of exciting stuff planned for 2011, which will all be featured right here!! Until then, here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care, God bless, and I'll see you next year!!!

From The Heart,





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