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Wow, 4 months sure went by in a hurry. FOUR MONTHS, MAN!! Not sure whether to laugh or cry. ;D What's up, friends?! Welcome back to the one and only Chance Raspberry Newsletter. Fortunately, a lot of cool stuff transpired from May to August of this year, and is finally being debuted right here and now. During said duration, I decided to take a short break from animation -- a hiatus within a hiatus, if you will. As a result, my most recent endeavors ended up focusing entirely on MUSIC (hence the Special Edition title!) Turns out my old band from high school still has a few tricks up their sleeve (and a few brand new fans??) CRAZY! But hang on, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning.

Before we dive into this cavalcade of creation, I would first like to sincerely thank ALL of you for your prayers and thoughts during my uncle Matt's struggle with lung cancer. Matt Ferrante passed away in late June of 2010, but thanks to the good Lord, his doctors and nurses, and all of your thoughts and prayers, Matt was able to spend even more time with his family and friends. I can't tell you how much your love and support have meant to my family and I, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please keep the prayer coming -- my grandmother, Sue, is now struggling with cancer as well. You can make a difference! Please pray. =)

MAY Accomplishments:



To those of you who remember these rambunctious, young tikes...WE'RE BAAAACCK!!! To everyone else, you may be asking yourself, "What is a...Jacuzzi....Fiend?" Back in 2004/05, I randomly created a MySpace page for my high school band, Jacuzzi Fiend (1998-2000.) Years went by and our collective group of friends, fans, and networks grew at a minimal to average rate...until this year! Then one morning, early Summer 2010, I opened an e-mail from someone in Canada requesting to purchase all of our releases. Naturally, I filled his order with a smile and was about to file the event under "Fluke" when I received another order just a few days later. The requests kept coming from all over the globe! Japan, Brazil, The UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, and so on.

Soon, I was made aware that this sudden spike in activity was due to a popular online forum called SkatePunkers (special thanks to Khet!) Turns out a couple of their moderators had stumbled upon the JF MySpace and liked what they heard. A few threads later, Jacuzzi Fiend had begun building a whole new fan base (and we didn't even know it!!) Since then, a rebirth of melodically epic proportions has swiftly begun to unfold. Amongst other things, the band is currently producing a brand new, full-length album (our first release in 10 years.) The cover art, track list, and release date are all on the way, along with our 2010 single, "In You." Read on to learn more about the Jacuzzi Fiend comeback, or click the above banner to download FREE MP3s, get the latest news, and hop on the bandwagon!!!



As the name Jacuzzi Fiend spread online, some very helpful, new friends began suggesting ways for us to make connections and "move on up." Among these was Japan's very own Fast Circle Records. A few e-mails and a shipment or two later, Fast Circle became Jacuzzi Fiend's #1 supporter! They now carry and distribute all the JF/CR releases locally, and their official website features our new promo EP, "Extreme Skatepunk...With A Twist!" Many sincere and special thanks to Noji and the gang @ Fast Circle Records for helping us out and giving our music a shot!

JUNE Accomplishments:


Once we had established connections overseas, my first priority was to hit the tabloid! That's where came in. It is a popular news site for all things Punk Rock (and despite its name, they sure have one hell of a pulse!!) A very special thanks from all the JF boys to Marc R. of DyingScene and SkatePunkers for being our biggest insight and connection thus far -- we wouldn't be here without you, amigo! Click above to check out what The Scene says about The Fiend.

JULY Accomplisments:

Our biggest break yet can be downloaded for free by clicking the above banner. Thanks to Chris Mac-B of's, "The Grind", Jacuzzi Fiend made their worldwide debut on Episode 81: "Back From The Dead" edition of the popular online series! You're the man, Chris!! Check out any of the links above for some excellent rock 'n' roll!!!

AUGUST Accomplishments:



It would seem the rumors we've heard about our brand of music being big in Japan are not merely rumors at all. Thanks to Ku-ge of the ever-growing High Speed Flower Records, we have received even more Japanese exposure! As a result, the new JF album will include 2 Bonus Tracks for Japan (in addition to the 10 brand new songs released world-wide!!) For those who wish to purchase the album directly from us, we will be selling both editions along with other classic and all new Jacuzzi Fiend merch. Stay tuned!!!

"Artist Of The Month"
(Dudes I Know That Maybe You Should, Too!)


In keeping with the tradition of myself and this newsletter, I had to throw in at least one animation-related feature. And what a great feature it turned out to be! The skills of Ms. Izzy Izzguard, fellow artist and friend, were brought to my attention by Charles Zembillas, at a routine Character Design class hosted by The Animation Academy. Izzy's ability to draw in that endearing Bluth/Disney style was what first caught my attention, but her level of solid talent and strict adherence to the traditional fundamentals of drawing are what kept me intrigued! It is for this reason her work embodies volume, depth, and most importantly, LIFE. Her art is some of the most imaginative I've seen in quite some time. Izzy is a young adult/student now living in Los Angeles, and has been drawing since age 3 (to all you up-and-comers out there, remember her story when you feel discouraged -- it takes years to get there but look at her now!) Her key influences include Don Bluth, Charles Zembillas, John K., Chuck Jones, and Chris Sanders, as well as many cartoons from the 80s and early 90s. Izzy's goal since age 8 has been to become a professional in the animation industry, and from the looks of things, she is well on her way! Thank you so much for sharing your work and story with us, Iz, and for being a part of the CR Newsletter!! Keep up the great work -- I'm sure I speak for all our readers when I say I can't wait to see more!!!


PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS - Contact Patrice: (818) 812-0202
- Piano, Voice, Language: Italian, German, French Spanish, Latin
- Baroque, Romantic, Opera, Classic, & Modern
- Vocal Coaching, Music, Theatre, Gospel, & Art-song
- STUDENTS: Nail your final exams and auditions!!
- Win roles and competitions with ease!


As always, thanks for reading, everyone!! Stay tooned for updates on Jacuzzi Fiend, Little Billy, CR merch, and MORE!!! If you or anyone you know would like to be added to my official mailing list, just write to CHANCERASPBERRY@HOTMAIL.COM with your requests! Thanks and please help spread the word. =)

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