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Hot enough for you guys yet?? LOL  How's it going, amigos?  I hope and trust you're all enjoying this excellent warm weather...I sure am, and know the ladies are, too - POOL PARTY/BEACH TIME!!!  Hard to believe it's still Spring and we're already rockin' into the high 80s (my favorite number!)  So on that note, let's get this killer "Countdown To Summertime" Issue of the CR Newsletter on the road!!  As always, we've got TAA (The Animation Academy) on deck along with a special Premium Ad Space just for you.  Ads are first-come-first-serve and only one Premium per issue, so reserve yours ASAP for the best deal and promote to nearly 1000 pros, artists, and fans just like you!  Speaking of fans and promos, these last couple months have been a blast and I've got lots of fun news to share.  So on that note, thanks so much for continuing to read, spread, and support the Chance Raspberry Newsletter!!  You guys & dolls are the reason I keep it going...and here we go!


You know it, friends!  Got a brand new website for you in celebration of my latest release, Nightshade, NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes and Amazon!!  Formerly, the all-new and very much improved has now been completely streamlined to simplify and maximize your online experience.  To those of you who fear change, however, dread not - all previous links will automatically forward you to the new site, which shall remain the official headquarters for all my past, present, and future music!  Check it out now to see for yourselves and christen the new track.  It's a powerful, 1980s-inspired skatepunk anthem, guaranteed to loosen your grip on the razor blade.  You can also enjoy all three singles on my new Jango Online Radio station (already approaching 200 fans and counting!)  Tune in for these and all upcoming CR tracks, as well as hits by the bands I'm inspired by and love.  If you like what you hear, help support the new LP by buying a song or two.  Thanks so much in advance, everyone, and stay tuned for new music, merch, and more!!  COMING SOON!!!

"Artist Of The Month"
(Dudes & Dudettes I Know That Maybe You Should, Too!)

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Now here's an artist I've been meaning to feature for a long time - the one and only David Choe.  I met David when I was just 7 or 8 years old.  He was my first mentor and art teacher (at age 13.)  Back then, I had just been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome (to many of you out there...SURPRISE, SURPRISE) and had a hard time sitting still in church (now there's a fun image for you.) =D  David, God bless him, took it upon himself to sit next to me and draw me pictures.  No matter what I wanted to see, he drew it for me.  Monsters, ghosts, church...yeah, I know, I was a pretty twisted kid (hehe, what's changed??) ;F  But I digress.  The point is over time, I began mimicking and learning from David's work, and before too long, I was drawing my own comics and versions of similar characters.  And all because this slightly older kid cared enough to hang out with me and share.  Thank you, David.  I'll never forget that!  To anyone not yet familiar with David's work, he is truly a modern master.  From his early Giant Robot toys and original comic series, Slow Jams, to his portrait of President Obama and all the murals, cars, and graffiti in between, David's diverse talent is more than a force to be reckoned with.  Check out all this and more @ his official website to see what I mean!  Keep up the amazing work, David, and thank you so much for all your help, attention, and inspiration.  I love you for it, brotha...from the heart.



Well well, what have we here??  Looks like's all-new Amazon Studio is now taking pitches!!!  With "New Media" officially taking over the industry and more companies looking for original content, it's truly the dawn of a clean slate for creators worldwide!  See what the word on Industry Row is @ and check out the deal(s) Amazon is offering, guys - it's pretty exciting stuff.  This could be a Golden Age for us, so if you're ready and like what you see and hear, PITCH!!!  Especially if you have a project you're not married to.  I am.  The worst you can get is a "No" or a nothing, so why not take your could become an amazing opportunity!  And hey, if nothing pans out, we've still got YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Blogger, Etsy, Zazzle, and all the other great sites that allow us to deliver our own, affordable, home-studio content directly to our audience(s) in the industry-standard format for FREE!!


Whew!  What a rant. LOL  Thanks for reading to the end, everyone.  I hope you've enjoyed this issue and can't wait for the next one!  If so, that makes two of us - there's lots more where this came from. =)  Till next time, take care, God bless, and have a stellar rest o' the Spring!!

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