JUL, 2012 (ISSUE #13.5)



Swift greetings from "The Cave", everyone!  Welcome back to this pre-cursor Issue #13.5 of The Chance Raspberry Newsletter.  As I write this, my studio, RazMcK (Raz-Mic-Kay) Productions, is prepping the official launch of its worldwide animation debut on KickStarter.com!!  This project is one many of you have known about (and have been requesting) for a looong time, so I'm thrilled to say after all these years, it's finally coming to life...with YOUR help!

To all those who don't know, KickStarter is the #1 web-wide funding platform for creative projects.  In exchange for donations, investors (that's you) receive excellent rewards, and the whole system is run by the world's most trusted, #1 online store, Amazon.com!!!  It's finally happened - for the first time ever, we, the creators, are in FULL control of producing, distributing, and FUNDING our own projects (aka - the pure, uncut content you want)...we have the power!

But why tell you about the KickStarter experience when I can show you?!  To see just how cool this platform is for yourselves, click one of my personal Top 3 KickStarter Project Picks below!!!  All three are causes I have financially contributed to, and would encourage anyone to do the same!  Check 'em out!!  BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE: If you would like to ADVERTISE your KickStarter campaign in a future issue of this newsletter, just follow the "Pay Now" link below for the best rate online.  Our mailing list includes nearly 1000 network execs, industry pros, and fans of great media just like you (aka - your audience.)  Make the most of KickStarter's deadline model and get people excited about your project before the clock starts ticking!  As always, thanks so much for reading and spreading the word, guys!!  Enjoy and stay tooned for Issue #14's unveiling of my studio's first cartoon!!!

Chance's TOP 3 Investments
("Artists Of The Month")


From Sonic Bunny Production's Producer/Director, Scout Raskin, comes this all-new, original short film.  Traditionally animated in the early, 1920s style of Max Fleischer, this cartoon features a baker who is cannibalized by his own treats...of course, I was immediately on board! =F  Like so many of the classic Fleischer films, Bakerman takes place in a world where everything is alive and fluid.  It will be animated in black and white by Aaron Long (Fester The Fish), and feature an original early jazz score by Brian Sadler.  Perks for donating to fund this project include the Bakerman DVD, homemade cookies, a Bakerman baking set, and lots more!  Once complete, the 4-minute short will be submitted to festivals worldwide.  The official Bakerman press release and an exclusive interview with Scout are attached to this email!  Thanks so much for returning to share with us here at the CR Newsletter, Scout, and for putting your heart and soul into making this classical film.  We can't wait to see it succeed!!


Artists of the world unite to create this highly anticipated web series about an 88-year-old woman who just happens to be the ultimate badass!  The team behind this project have world-class, filmmaking talent on their side, and their pitches, interviews, and behind-the-scenes videos (all waiting to greet you via the above link) speak for themselves.  Perks for donating to Agent 88 include toys, clothing, hard and soft cover versions of The Art of 88 book, the Agent 88 DVD, and personal encounters with the cast and crew.  Check out and help fund this project while it's still on the rise...it's a classic waiting to be born.


Ren & Stimpy creator, John Kricfalusi, returns with this all-new cartoon classic starring your favorite and mine...George Liquor, AMERICAN!!!  When John was a boy, his dad used to "spoil" the family with random, off-brand products and cola-like substances.  These bottom-shelf excuses, however, were a treat compared to what they normally got....CANS WITHOUT LABELS!!  That's right, kids - blank, tin cans full of anyone's guess with NO label at all...PUT YOUR iPHONE DOWN AND THINK ABOUT THAT!  ;)  Now, after all these years, John K. brings us the story of what was in those cans and a life without labels.  The 8-10 minute cartoon will be traditionally animated using paper and software.  Perks for donating include the Cans Without Labels DVD, Jumbo George Liquor and Jimmy The Idiot toys, SIGNED original artwork, and even caricatures of YOU in John K's trademark style!!  If his financial goal is exceeded by 50% or more, John plans to create an additional BONUS CARTOON!!!  What an honor it is to feature such a well-known success in my newsletter.  Thanks for bringing back the good times, memories, and cartoon fun, John!!  Our kidneys quiver with anticipation!


You guys are the best!  Thanks for reading to the end (even if you skipped around a little) and for considering a donation to any of the above projects.  I know their creators appreciate it beyond words...and so will I.  Speaking of which, for 24 hours ONLY, CD Baby is giving 100% of all music sales directly to the artists!!  If you have not yet purchased any of my music, or there's a song you're lacking or like, please support my upcoming debut album by visiting CDBaby.com/Artist/ChanceRaspberry and buying a song or two.  Mad love and thanks in advance, guys!  Till next time, keep creating, enjoying summer, and tooning into The Chance Raspberry Newsletter for the big RazMcK announcement!! =D  Catch ya later, dudes and dudettes...

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