2013...WE'RE GOING PRO! (ISSUE #17.5)



Happy 2013, buddy! Welcome back and here's hoping you and your family had an awesome Christmas holiday. Speaking of Christmas, I've got some gifts for you, so keep reading to enjoy what ol' Chancey Claus has in store! Now that the New Year is officially under way, I've hit the ground running with some real exciting stuff! First off...


On Tuesday, February 5th 2013, the Chance Raspberry Newsletter is going PRO with MailChimp! If you're not yet familiar with MailChimp, it's the leading industry standard for eNewsletters and spam-free correspondence. This upgrade marks the dawn of a much more streamlined CR Newsletter - you asked for a shorter, sweeter read and guess what...I listened!

MailChimp not only delivers content in an extremely clean and direct format, it also encodes said content to comply with all mainstream email systems, avoid junk mail filters, and insure that you actually want to be getting this newsletter. How? I'm glad you asked! In order to abide by MailChimp's Terms & Conditions, interested parties must actually Subscribe to my mailing list ---> which is why I've included the form below! Simply enter your email address (and First/Last Name if you wish), hit "Subscribe", and you will automatically receive the NEW CR Newsletter from now on (MailChimp makes it easy to unsubscribe at any time.) If the form doesn't work, click HERE.


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This newsletter is my core mailer, so if you want to get in on all the great Perks I've planned just for you, this is the way to go! Wait...Perks, you ask? That's right, my friend - I don't just want to share what I'm doing...I want what I'm doing to inspire, motivate, and most of all, benefit you and your projects!! That said, here's what you'll get for Subscribing:

* An exclusive, private link to my all-new CR Podcast!
* An official HD 1920 x 1200 Chance Raspberry Wallpaper
* Pre-Orders and Discounts on CR CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, etc.
* The latest Breaking News and Updates on ALL CR Projects

Still Curious?
Here's a taste of Podcast #1

KICKSTARTER 101: Lesson 1

Kickstarter is a fixed, All-Or-Nothing platform that takes an 8-10% (max) cut of your money raised...but only if you reach or exceed your goal by deadline. Otherwise, it's all FREE! IndieGoGo is a slightly more flexible platform that gives you a choice between Flex Funding (7-12% cut and you keep what you raise even if you don't meet your goal) or Fixed. The psychological reputation of each of these platforms is one of the key factors in reaching your goal successfully...I explain all of this fully in the Podcast. Subscribe for more!!

Additional Tips Include: Which platform is right for your project, How your goals can help you choose, Asking for the right amount of money, and TONS of other inside info!!!

Ho Ho Ho and ENJOY!!! These gifts are my way of saying Thank You for continuing to rock the creative force with me, and will all be included in my first MailChimp issue. So what are we waiting for, home-skillet?!? Let's make this transition together! I look forward to taking this newsletter, my projects, and you with me to the next level. Remember, the January 2013 Issue of the all-new CR Newsletter will go out on Tuesday, February 5th (that's one week from now!) Don't miss the radical debut and insane 2013 lineup - if you think you've seen me in action...you ain't seen nothin' yet!!! ;)

~ Chance
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