DECEMBER, 2011 (ISSUE #10)



Whoa...what happened, I blacked out! ;D Happy Sweater Weather, my friends, and welcome to this long overdue, "Berry Merry Christmas" issue of the CR Newsletter. I can't believe 2011 is almost over - what a great year it's been! Before we dive right in, though, first things first. Thank you all so much for your patience, and my apologies for the large gap between newsletters. A lot's happened since my last issue went out in April. As you may or may not know, all my projects (including this one) were put on hold in March of this year to create the pilot episode of an all-new, animated series. Now, after roughly a year of intensive training, research, and hard work, I'm thrilled to announce that pilot is officially complete! The learning experience and details of this project are just some of the blessings I've looked forward to sharing with you in this issue, and that's not all! Notice the additional banners above?? That's right, amigos - this finale issue of 2011 marks the debut of our very first paid advertising!!! The CR Newsletter and I sincerely thank and welcome Zombie Murder Explosion Die! and The Animation Academy to the team. And see that space right up there with 'em...that could be yours! Read on to find out more about all these exciting projects, and how the CR Newsletter can help you reach your audience. Thank you guys again for all your patience and support, welcome back, and Merry Christmas!


So what is "Project X"? Good question. In late 2010, a good friend of mine presented me with a concept for a series of animated shorts. Within a few weeks, we had developed what we now feel is a completely untapped approach to the animated series...but more on that later. Over the next several weeks, we wrote the pilot script and by January 2011, we had recorded the voices and compiled a soundtrack for the first episode of our series. I spent February-April designing and rigging all the main characters, backgrounds, and look of the show, and re-learning (x10) an old friend called Flash. My newfound Flash knowledge was acquired from two of the best Flash animators in the business, Ryan Khatam and Steven Theis (thanks a million, guys!) During May-October, I animated the pilot from scratch and spent the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving editing, while my partner focused on building our business plan, production schedule, and PowerPoint presentation. On Nov 15, 2011, "Project X" was finally complete! So why isn't it online for all to see? Another good question. For the time being, we have opted to keep the name, premise, and pilot confidential until we've had a chance to pitch it. We are currently in the process of scheduling our first pitch, and the outcome of our pitches will determine if and when the episode airs online. I know...we're dying to share this project with you guys, too (especially after the year we spent creating it), but there's a good reason for all this, which will be explained as soon as possible. Scout's honor! So stay tooned to the CR Newsletter for more info on this bad boy!! In the meantime, here are some fun facts about the pilot:

Created in: 1080p HD (16:9 Widescreen)
Tools Used: Pencils, Paper, Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Garage Band, Pro Tools, T Racks
Running Time: 5 minutes
Frames of Film: 8,900
Frames of Animation: 4,832 (moving drawings)
Consolidated Work Time: 3 months (of actual 40 hour work weeks)
Actual Work Time: 1 year (spread out over random, varying work sessions)


What a cool name! ZMED is a new animated web-series brought to my attention by Scout Raskin, the show's producer. Created by Jeff Campbell (Nickelodeon's Neopets, Seismic Games), and written/directed by Andrew Racho (Robot Chicken, Your Dungeon My Dragon), the series follows a group of tech-addicted teens (one of which has a familiar name) fighting to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Every episode guarantees to provide each word present in the show's title: zombies, murder, explosions, and DEATH! "Yeah ok, death and murder are kinda the same thing but who cares?! It's still BAD-ASS!!!" quotes the show's crew. ZMED's pilot episode will air mid-January on Machinima, a YouTube network with 75 MILLION subscribers worldwide...that's 150 MILLION eyes!! However, the official trailer, already a proven summer success on, can be viewed right now by clicking the ZMED banner at the top of the page, or visiting ( - WARNING: Content may not be suitable for younger viewers.) You can also follow the evolution of ZMED on Facebook. Stay tooned for the full followup article and link to the pilot episode in January's CR Newsletter! From all of us here to everyone on Team ZMED, a very special thanks for sharing your creation with us, and being a part of the newsletter as our very first paid advertisers!!

"Artist Of The Month"
(Dudes & Dudettes I Know That Maybe You Should, Too!)


This is truly something else! Remember when comic books were simply flat images and tiny thought bubbles printed on 2D paper...friends, you ain't seen nothin' yet!! Jay Warnesky, a colleague of mine brought this project to my attention as "the best online presentation" he'd seen in a long time. After checking it out for myself, I'd have to agree. The project is Hobo Lobo of Hamelin by Stevan Zivadinovic, a mature urban fantasy presented in the tradition of a child's bedtime story. In addition to its enchantingly classical artwork and imaginative tales, which Stevan writes and illustrates himself, there is a rare and magical quality to the world he's created. "Hobo Lobo is a webtime story about a city, its scruples, some rats, a lobo, his woodwind, and the stuff that goes down," quotes Lobo's creator. "As for the format of the comic, it came to me one day while reading MS Paint Adventures. In this day and age, there is little justification in keeping comics within the constraints of early 20th century offset printing. No need for inked line art or hand-painted speech bubbles that compete with the artwork for page real estate, no need to pack the drawings into grids of fixed dimensions and print them in multiples of four: those are all solutions to problems we no longer have." Stevan has not only succeeded in venturing beyond these conventions, but has broken some very inspiring new ground - the most exciting feature of Hobo Lobo is "turning the page!" Click the above banner and check out Hobo Lobo of Hamelin now to see what I mean! You can also visit Stevan's online portfolio for more great work @ After moving from his birthplace in Belgrade to attend high school in the U.S., Stevan received his certification in the field of Fine Arts, and now helms the web department of a design-marketing company in San Antonio. Hobo Lobo is his first solo comic project, which he plans to create exclusively in the near future. I'm sure I speak for all my readers when I say we can't wait to see where the road to Hamelin leads. Good luck and keep up the outstanding work, Stevan!! On behalf of myself and the CR Newsletter, thank you very much for sharing your work with us, and being our finale Artist Of The Month for 2011!


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WOW! It's so great to be back, guys - I can't tell you how much I've missed publishing this newsletter. Now that my slate is clean again, I plan to release future issues on a more regular basis. Regardless, I look forward to enjoying a much needed Christmas break as I gear up for the next phase of my creative journey!! More details and news are on their way regarding all my projects, so stay tooned for exciting developments from the CR Newsletter! Thank you guys again for all your love and support. I hope you're enjoying the season and wish you nothing but the best in 2012! God bless you and your families as we enter the New Year, and a Berry Merry Christmas to you all!!

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